About Me


Hello !!! I am Celestina Cavinder and yes I am a recognised and certified CAPPA Labour Doula (CLD).

It all started at the time my sister was in labour and I could not understand why she had to scream and was in such pain. The answer to me was that every mother goes through this during birth. To see my sister go through this motivated me to know that woman need support, encouragement and positivity at this particular time during labour.

I am a mother of six children and with each one of them the pregnancy was different.

My belief is that if the mother is given the right support she is able to have a positive birth experience and that means whatever it’s going to take for them.

So I meet the mother-to-be and her partner before at a convenient place for both of us and we get to know each other. At this time it helps me to recognize and connect with the mother and her partner. This meeting is very important for both the mother, her partner and myself.

When the mother engages me as her Labour Doula she will receive: two prenatal classes, my undivided attention during her delivery, and a post-natal visit. I am always there before, during and after the birth to provide support and whatever is needed to encourage the mother and her partner to prepare their birth plan.

At present I live in HSR Layout, Bangalore and do travel in and around Bangalore; however, my services are not limited to Bangalore and I have assisted births in many other cities and states throughout India.

If you live in India and want to know more about me and whether I may be the right Labour Doula for you, please get in touch. Please do feel free to read what mothers-to-be have to say about me here and read some of their own birth stories.